We are storytellers, so our focus is on the message and we deliver that message through the use of numerous media.



Infrastructure: Hour has the staffing, resources, processes and technology to satisfy your complete needs for editorial, graphic design, pre-press, production, distribution and more as needed.

Flexibility: We offer turnkey services or partial project management. From magazine design and publishing to corporate brochure and collateral.

Digital: We offer digital solutions that complement and expand print versions, providing additional reach to digital-preferred readers, which includes e-newsletters, video, blog, responsive website design (mobile, desktop and tablet), CPC, SEO and SEM.


We will develop a program that is custom-tailored to the client’s marketing goals, budget and timing needs, and captures the hearts and minds of the people you want to reach and influence most. We provide clients with the full gamut of publishing and media services, including:

• Advertising and Sponsorship Sales
• Art Direction and Graphic Design
• Audience Targeting
• Audio/Video Production
• B2B and B2C
• Blogs
• Branding

• Circulation and Distribution/Fulfillment
• Content Amplification
• Content Strategy, Execution and Creation
• Data Analytics
• Database Management
• Email Marketing
• Marketing Strategy

• Pre-press
• Print Manufacturing and Production Services
• Project Management
• Research and Measurement
• Social Media
• Web Design and Production


We develop custom communication solutions, created by the best writers and designers in their fields, integrated with your company’s marketing strategy, and directed to your target audience with pinpoint accuracy. Our products include:

• Annual Reports
• Books and e-books
• Brochures and other collateral
• Catalogs

• Chamber Publications
• Direct Mail
• Newsletters and e-newsletters
• Print and Digital Magazines

• Video and Audio
• Visitor Guides
• Website Development


• Agriculture
• Associations
• Automotive
• Chambers of Commerce
• Cultural Institutions
• Economic Development
• Education and Research
• Food and Beverage

• Foundations/Philanthropy
• Golf
• Grocery Retail
• Health and Healthcare
• Hospitality/Hotels
• Industrial, Manufacturing and Construction
• Law
• Leisure Sports

• Liquor Retail
• Luxury Retail
• Non-Profit
• Professional and Financial Services
• Recreation
• The Arts
• Travel/Tourism
• Unions